Hi, hello, Bonjour!!

Welcome to my blog! This is my first ever entry and I’m not one hundred percent sure what this will be about or what it will lead to or what my goals are, I feel this blog will be a mix of fashion posts, food posts/recipes, random pieces on movies or tv shows that I’m watching currently and then just some random content.

I have always wanted to start something along the lines of a blog and I thought to myself today, Sunday, “Why not now?” so here we go! I suppose I should tell you (who ever is reading) a little about myself! I live in Dublin, Ireland I’m 22 and I am currently working full time in a luxury fashion department store. I have decided I will go back to school part time as I feel that I never really gave college a chance, I’m really interested in pyscholgy and my hopes for right now are just to start some small and part time courses while reseaching what I actually want to do lol!! I also have a love of fashion beauty and music which was my inspiration for starting this up as I would like an outlet aside from my personal social media accounts to show my style and personality.

I also have this idea of people sending some content like if you like the style of my site and you maybe relate and have something to say but maybe dont have the confidence to start your own platform you could share with me and we can start a sort of amazing community !! I dont know lol everything is an idea for now!

Anyways this is all for now I will be posting my personal reflections for the week ahead next Sunday and every Sunday after that. Until then come back for some books/fashion/beauty/lifestyle inspo!!




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